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What are Space Hex PlaeBoards?
The PlaeBoards label is a product I have designed for gamers to print graphic files out to use as terrain in various miniature wargames. The Space Hex PlaeBoards are 8 inch hexes of deep space objects for spaceship miniature games.

There are 15 different 8 inch hex graphic files on the CD. Each file has 5 versions (blank, 1 inch white hexes, 2 inch yellow hexes, both white and yellow hexes, and 1 inch blue hexes). The versions give the player choices of what division type to have on the hex sections. For a B/W laser printer, use the white division lines, and for a color printer use the blue division lines. There is also a Limited License Agreement and instructions on how to use the files.

Are there going to be more SPACE HEX PLAEBOARDS made?
Currently there are plans to continue making new CD's . The pace of development will be determined by demand for additional files. There are PlaeBoards under development for other types of wargames.

How can I order a CD?
The CD costs $20.00 USD, and this includes shipping anywhere in the world.
You can place an order by clicking on the link above to go to my Product Order Page. Shipping is combined for items with the ADD TO CART button.
Be sure to read the Limited License Agreement before ordering.

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